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These are the "basic" classes. 

Please understand that you get MUCH more than basic.  I custom tailor the classes to your needs and wants, so if you don't see what you want, just tell me what you want, what you really really want.

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Beginner Fundamental English

WIDE – work on a WIDE range of basic topics to achieve basic English vocabulary.  Respond to basic questions dealing with:  weather; foods; vacation; geography; home; classroom; age; colors; buildings; time; clothes; traditions; self/personality; animals; family; health; shopping; time; body; sports; numbers.


Beginner Survival English

NARROW – Greet people in English and introduce yourself.  Ask for help in an English speaking country.  Order food and drink at a restaurant.  Use transportation to get around.


Intermediate Conversational English


Listen and speak about a wide variety of topics.

Custom class based on your needs.

Specified help on English coursework

Expand your vocabulary.

Submit writing samples for correction and discussion.

telephone conversation.jpg

Conversational English

Speak with confidence

Get materials to practice offline

Change the way you think about learning

Learn the Natural way


Reading and Writing

Read aloud to improve your speaking

Understand with context clues

Submit writing submissions for correction

Fun texts to choose from


English Grammar

Practice Grammar with a Native Speaker

Use texts to Understand Grammar 

Read and Write with Better Grammar

Understand and produce correct sentences

Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to make sure you are happy with my performance.

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