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Now Available for Online Coaching



Hi, I'm Joe.  A professional educator with over 30 years of experience.  I have taught thousands of students age 4 to 80 in person and online.  I will help you learn English at your pace and level, with a well-structured plan.  


How I Can Help You?

Do you need to STOP translating?

Do you need to practice?

Do you need a kind and patient teacher?

Do you need help with Grammar?

Do you need help with Reading and Writing?

Practice with an English Native Speaker and Teacher

 Why Joe?

Native English speaker with Neutral American Accent

Both learned language AND natural language

Dedicated teacher, effective, well-planned lessons

 What you should expect from lessons with me:

 You will learn about American culture, slang and tradition.

I will teach you the topics you find interesting.

I will provide you materials ahead of time when possible.

I will be patient and encouraging with you.

I will practice speaking with you with correct grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

You can learn by the curriculum, or practice through free talk lessons.

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