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Here are some comments from some of my students.

It's a wonderful lesson! I'm so enjoyed every single time with you. You gave me the confidence and courage to speak. Thank you so much. Enjoying your trip in Taiwan.

Jack feels great and learnt a lot. But as a 6 years old little fish, he was considered afraid to talk as much as it should be. He is some kind of shy and nervous to make mistakes. As Mr Joe is now here with the impressive lessons, we have no doubt that Jack will make great improvements and do his English well. Mr Joe inspires our little Jack and drives him and that makes him believe English is interesting and easy to learn. Here’s message from Jack , “Mr Joe, you’re the best👍”.

JOE can give you a lot of new things like American culture and his travel experiences. So you can talk about any topics with him. He is an enthusiastic person in teaching.




很有經驗的老師,且隨時幫你寫筆記,還會鼓勵你,最後將筆記寄給你,也把下一次的課程內容給你有準備的機會。...... 100分




很好的老师 课堂气氛轻松 能很好的引导孩子

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