Do you want to learn English like a native speaker and meet new friends? 

Is this your first time learning English?  We can practice together and train your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. I can customize the lesson to suit your needs. 🏆If you are interested in taking a trial lesson, send me an email for a DISCOUNTED price 🎉

這是你第一次學習英語嗎? 我們可以一起練習,訓練您的口語、聽力、寫作和閱讀能力。 我可以根據您的需要定制課程。 🏆如果您有興趣參加試聽課程,請給我發送電子郵件以獲得折扣價🎉




It's a wonderful lesson! I'm so enjoyed every single time with you. You gave me the confidence and courage to speak. Thank you so much. Enjoying your trip in Taiwan.


很有經驗的老師,且隨時幫你寫筆記,還會鼓勵你,最後將筆記寄給你,也把下一次的課程內容給你有準備的機會。...... 100分

Jack feels great and learnt a lot. But as a 6 years old little fish, he was considered afraid to talk as much as it should be. He is some kind of shy and nervous to make mistakes. As Mr Joe is now here with the impressive lessons, we have no doubt that Jack will make great improvements and do his English well. Mr Joe inspires our little Jack and drives him and that makes him believe English is interesting and easy to learn. Here’s message from Jack , “Mr Joe, you’re the best👍”.


JOE can give you a lot of new things like American culture and his travel experiences. So you can talk about any topics with him. He is an enthusiastic person in teaching.




很好的老师 课堂气氛轻松 能很好的引导孩子


What do you want to learn? 你想學什麼?

🆂🅰🅻🅴 🔥 𝙅𝙊𝙀 🗽𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐀𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫👨‍🎓🇺🇸

30 years of experience!

Thousands of lessons completed.

👨‍🏫 Professional Educator with 30 years of experience🧑‍🏫
👨‍🏫 I have taught thousands of students age 4 to 80 in person and online🎓
📜📜📜Three University degrees in Education🎓
👨‍🏫 Assistant Director of Elementary school for 6 years📚
🔥 Learn ENGLISH at your pace and level, with a well-structured plan📓🔥

👨‍🏫 擁有 30 年經驗的專業教育家
👨‍🏫 數千名 8 至 40 歲的學生面對面授課
🎓 三個大學教育學位 📜📜📜
👨‍🏫 6年小學副校長
🔥 📓 按照您的節奏和水平學習英語,並製定結構合理的計劃 📓 🔥

Classes Available

📓📓喬的課 📓📓



























💡 初級基礎英語A1 💡

🚀 詞彙:自我介紹、天氣、食物、旅行、方向、時間

🚀 口語和對話練習

🚀 廣泛的主題 - 建立強大的基礎!



🚀 用英語跟人打招呼並自我介紹👋

🚀 在英語國家尋求幫助🗣

🚀 在餐廳點食物和飲料🍕



🔥 中級會話英語 B1/B2 🔥


🚀 聆聽和談論各種各樣的話題。

🚀 根據您的需要定制課程。

🚀 英語課程指定幫助

🚀 擴大你的詞彙量。



🎯 您將了解美國文化、俚語和傳統。




🎯 我會用正確的語法、詞彙和發音與你練習口語。

🎯 您可以通過課程學習,也可以通過免費講座進行練習。




🥇 為什麼是喬? 🥇

🏆 溝通能力強,有領導經驗


🏆 雙語:英語/西班牙語

🏆 聽母語為英語的人,您將更自然地習得語言



 👨‍🎓 教育背景:👨‍🎓

 📝 喬治亞州立大學學士

 📝 西喬治亞大學碩士

 📝 西喬治亞大學專家



✅Do you need to STOP translating?

✅Do you need to practice?

✅Do you need a kind and patient teacher?

✅Do you need help with Grammar?

✅Do you need help with Reading and Writing?

✅Practice with an English Native Speaker and Teacher



📕Speak with confidence

📕Get materials to practice offline

📕Change the way you think about learning

📕Learn the Natural way



📗Read aloud to improve your speaking

📗Understand with context clues

📗Submit writing submissions for correction

📗Fun texts to choose from



📙Practice Grammar with a Native Speaker

📙Use texts to Understand Grammar 

📙Read and Write with Better Grammar

📙Understand and produce correct sentences


💡 Beginner Fundamental English A1 💡

🚀 Vocabulary: self-introduction, weather, foods, traveling, directions, time

🚀 Speaking and dialogue practice

🚀 WIDE range of topics - build a strong base!


💡 Beginner Survival English A2💡

🚀 NARROW – Greet people in English and introduce yourself 👋

🚀 Ask for help in an English speaking country 🗣

🚀 Order food and drink at a restaurant 🍕

🚀Use transportation to get around 🚌


🔥  Intermediate Conversational English B1/B2 🔥


🚀 Listen and speak about a wide variety of topics.

🚀 Custom class based on your needs.

🚀 Specified help on English coursework

🚀 Expand your vocabulary.

🚀Submit writing samples for correction and discussion.

⚡ What you should expect from lessons with me: ⚡

🎯 You will learn about American culture, slang and tradition.

🎯 I will teach you the topics you find interesting.

🎯 I will provide you materials ahead of time when possible.

🎯 I will be patient and encouraging with you.

🎯 I will practice speaking with you with correct grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

🎯 You can learn by the curriculum, or practice through free talk lessons.




🥇 Why Joe? 🥇

🏆 Strong communicator with leadership experience

🏆 Dedicated teacher committed to implementing effective, well-planned lessons using best-practices and methods

🏆 Bilingual: English/Spanish

🏆 You will acquire language more naturally by listening to a native English speaker



 👨‍🎓 Educational background: 👨‍🎓

 📝 Bachelor's from Georgia State University

 📝 Master's from University of West Georgia

 📝 Specialist from University of West Georgia


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