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I have taught English and Spanish for over 25 years. I graduated from Georgia State University and University of West Georgia. My language teaching experience has made thousands of students both young and old feel confident about speaking another language.  We can work on language improvement and development, conversation exercises to improve your English.  I can help your confidence in conversation. Please don't hesitate to contact me for answers to your questions. I am happy to hear from you soon! My teaching style is friendly and easygoing, but also focused on meeting the goals that we set together. Some students don't know what they want and just say they want to get better in English or Spanish. I can help provide evaluation and direction.



我教英語和西班牙語已經超過 25 年了。 我畢業於佐治亞州立大學和西佐治亞大學。 我的語言教學經驗讓成千上萬的年輕和年長的學生對說另一種語言充滿信心。 我們可以致力於語言改進和發展、會話練習以提高您的英語水平。 我可以幫助你自信地交談。 請不要猶豫與我聯繫以回答您的問題。 我很高興很快收到你的來信! 我的教學風格友好而隨和,但也專注於實現我們共同設定的目標。 有些學生不知道他們想要什麼,只是說他們想在英語或西班牙語方面變得更好。 我可以幫助提供評估和指導。


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